CQC – Tactical Krav Maga Seminar


CQC – Tactical Krav Maga Seminar.

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Owners James and Shannon Hiromasa have been teaching Krav Maga in Colorado for over 20 years. The first to bring the Krav Maga to Colorado back in 1997 and among the 1st in the Nation outside of the original National Training Center in Los Angeles. James, Shannon and thier staff are the ONLY Krav Maga Instructors with certifications from Wingate Israel (the government govering body of Krav Maga in Israel, it's birthplace). the ONLY certified Senior Instructors from Wingate in Colorado (only a handful in the USA), and the ONLY ones tasked with training and certifying Krav Maga Instructors for 3 different worldwide organizations over the years. If you're looking for REAL Krav Maga from a wealth of experience and knowledge, look no further.