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11 April 2023
- Kassebaum's Martial Arts
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Ready to get into the best physical
and mental shape of your LIFE?

From traditional martial arts to more contemporary MMA styles, our dojo is the ultimate training ground for people of all fitness and skill levels.

With the event of mixed martial arts (MMA) becoming mainstream in the media, more and more people are looking to martial arts and self-defense classes as an alternative to the usual gym and fitness routine.

At Kassebaum's Martial Arts, we have been training in and teaching martial arts long before the media hype. We proudly bring forth this tradition to new generations of martial artists by offering a variety of classes to our students.

You will find yourself more focused and competitive in both your business life and personal life.

You will perform better, feel better, and overall, be better. All you have to do is get started to start seeing the benefits! Stop doing the same mindless exercises at the gym and start workout out with a purpose.

Crush your fitness goals while
learning how to protect yourself

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Most Adults DO NOT get enough EXERCISE



ages 50 and over are inactive


is due to cardiovascular disease


less likely in people who exercise

Join the ultimate full body & mental workout with Kassebaum's Martial Arts. Don’t be the person who is stuck in their comfort zone with no way out. Without a workout routine that you're committed to, you'll see your metabolic speed and cardiovascular health decline. This is why it’s so important for adults to find ways to help themselves feel better every day!

Kassebaum's Martial Arts

2111 Harvell Dr
Bellevue, NE 68005

Classes: Monday - Saturday


Nebraska ATA Elkhorn

1701 Veterans Drive
Elkhorn, NE 68002

Classes: Monday & Thursday

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Frequently Asked Questions?

What Age Groups Are Available for Adult Martial Arts?
Our Adults Martial Arts program is for ages 14 & up. ATA Xtreme is open to ages 7 & up. Krav Maga is open to ages 15 & above.

I Love All the Benefits Such as Confidence, Self-Esteem, and Focus … But Is It Fun?
Our Martial Arts classes' primary goal is to make sure our students have fun in a enjoyable, safe environment. Come and see a class for yourself - we all have a blast and our instructors do too.

Do I Need to Have Previous Experience or Any Particular Fitness Level to Enroll in Martial Arts Classes?
No, our classes are a good mix of men and women of all fitness levels. Beginners train alongside some of the more experienced members, helping each other out in a enjoyable team environment.

Are There Long Membership Commitments?
We offer a variety of membership options to fit your needs.