Fundamental Body Language

This is the original body language class and the most popular CBLTAC seminar. You will not find a better, more thorough look at how biopsychology affects people while under stress and how body and brain functions can be translated into body language.

​​”Fundamental Body Language” is based upon the physiological “fight, flight, or freeze(F3) mechanism” and is considered to be the prerequisite for the other classes available, from tactical communications to combat.

As a stand alone class, “Fundamental Body Language” provides insight into the physiology and psychology of both the learner and the learner’s interactions with other people.

This is a fast paced four hour class divided into two distinct halves. The first half explains the human physiological responses to stress, from simply lying or during the involvement of a critical life threatening event.

The second half of the class outlines specific F3 indicators. These indicators are divided into seven categories: body posture, hand movements, eyes, facial, body function, vocal, and proxemics. Each indicator is explained and its origin and association with F3 is explained. There are over 50 indicators explained in all.

This class is very informative and very entertaining with an array of multimedia to engage every type of learner. The presenter interacts heavily with the audience.

This class has been presented to public safety professionals at every level of government, including city, county, state, and federal entities. This class has also been presented to citizens as a seminar. This class won the 2008 Annual Reserve Peace Officer Conference’s “Best Class” award.

“Fundamental Body Language” suits public safety professionals, especially employees who are not armed, and/or who work in very rural areas with limited support in the event of a critical incident. The presentation provides the base knowledge for people to understand what happens to a person under acute stress. This leads to a further understanding of how to deal with people throughout the stress spectrum, from verbally abusive to an actual attack.

This class is also appropriate for corporate professionals who have a need to further understand their clients during high pressure business meetings or negotiations. A wealth of knowledge can be obtained just from observing another person. “Fundamental Body Language” enhances safety, awareness, and predictability.

Often, people leave “Fundamental Body Language” with a new perspective about their interactions in public.

“Fundamental Body Language” is the official introductory class to any of our other classes.


May 23 2021


12:00 pm - 4:00 pm



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